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Vegan Nut Cheese

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Adjust Servings:
100g Walnuts or same quantity pine nuts
3 tablespoons Irish Moss Gel
2 tablespoons Tahini Sesame Paste
2 teaspoons Sea Salt according to taste
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Vegan Nut Cheese

The texture of this vegan cheese is similar to a ricotta but just slightly firmer even holding the shape of the container it’s made in. It can also be used as a cheese spread and makes a great hummus. I’ve found this recipe is best made with either walnuts or pine nuts.

  • Serves 2
  • Easy




It’s easier than you think to make vegan cheese using nuts. This recipe will show you to make it using either walnuts or pine nuts.

The walnut cheese has more of a gritty texture and kind of a beige color but still has a nice flavor, whereas the pine nut cheese is very smooth and white with a very rich flavor. The walnut cheese stores in the fridge for about 5 to 7 days and the pine nut about 5 days. They can both be frozen and kept for a month or longer.

Walnuts are more widely available as well as affordable plus they add a nice taste even if you don’t like walnuts that much! Pine nuts make an excellent choice too though, and it gives the cheese a nice flavor with a smooth silky consistency. However, they are very expensive and have a shorter shelf life. In either case, the process to make the cheese is the same.



Soak and strain the nuts

Soak the nuts over night, strain and remove any flaky skins for smoother texture.


Blend the nuts

Place nuts into a blender starting with a quarter cup of water. Keep a cup of water nearby so you can add more while blending. Pulse the nuts into bits first and then blend them adding water slowly as you need until you get a creamy liquid. It should be the consistency of a Ranch salad dressing or close to it.


Add Irish moss gel

Add 3 tablespoons of Irish moss gel and blend until smooth. You should see the texture change a little.


Add other ingredients

Add 2 table spoons of sesame paste, 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil (optional) and a teaspoon of salt. Blend and mix well.


Taste and adjust

Taste the mixture and add a little more salt if it’s bland. The sesame paste and the salt give it the cheesy flavor.

4-8 hours

Once you’ve reached the desired flavor pour your mixture into a container and cover. Put it in the fridge to set. After several hours or by the next day it should firm up . If you’re gentle enough with it you’ll even be able to slice it.


Born in New York to a Jamaican family, studied Tae Kwon Do at the age of 7, started cooking at 12. Following Dr. Sebi since 2014.

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Would this work as a mozzarella for pizza and have you tried using Brazil nuts which are also on sebi list?

I made this the other day, and while it tasted great, it never firmed up and definitely was not able to be taken out of the bowl in a solid shape. Any suggestions?

You need to add more sea moss gel. You’ll know it’s enough sea moss gel when you stop the blender and it seems to kinda look elastic if you know what I mean.

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