Your Guide To The Dr. Sebi Diet

The Dr. Sebi diet also known as the African biomineral balance was used by Dr. Sebi while he administered his cures to his patients.

Essentially, it’s a vegan diet that promotes the consumption of what he called “electric” or alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and ancient grains, while forsaking acid-forming foods like meat, dairy products and starch.

Dr. Sebi, founder of the USHA healing village in Honduras, was a self-proclaimed herbalist, natural healer, and intracellular therapist. 

He was knowledgeable in many forms of alternative health and healing stemming from a number of different countries and cultures, but it was his experience in Mexico that helped to shape him into a herbalist capable of treating diseases thought to be incurable.

He often spoke of the problems with Western medicine and how it tends to only identify surface issues rather than the root causes of sickness and disease. In his years of research he came to the conclusion that...

"The manifestation of disease finds its genesis when and where the mucous membrane has been compromised".

This can happen when the body's natural pH is unbalanced and overly acidic. 

Dr. Sebi

You can read more about Dr. Sebi on this page.

Fundamentals & Benefits

The Dr. Sebi diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, teas and ancient grains. Among these recommended are avocados, mangoes, figs, dates, kale, watercress, mushrooms, quinoa, amaranth, wild rice and more.

Consuming meat produces uric acid in the body, consuming dairy products produces lactic acid in the body and consuming starch produces carbonic acid. Acid foods create (thick) mucus in the body which robs the body’s cells of oxygen.

Electric foods, however, feed the body, because the human body is electrical it requires an electric food.

Alkalinity and pH

When it comes to our health, pH is perhaps the most important unit of measure. Different areas of the body require different levels of pH in terms of how acid or alkaline they should ideally be.

An imbalanced pH or overly acidic body has a number of adverse affects from lack of energy, obesity and a potential increased risk of disease.

"Alkalinity compliments everybody, whether you're White, Black, Chinese or Eskimo".


Mucus actually protects our bodies by aiding in toxin removal. However, acid-forming foods contribute to the production of a thicker type of mucus that coats the internal organs. This makes the absorption of essential nutrients more difficult.

Cellular Damage

A lack of that right minerals, poor sleep, stress and an over indulgence on "hybrid" and processed foods all contribute to disruptions in the natural biochemistry of our bodies. Dr Sebi's methodology takes action to remedy this with natural herbal compounds that cleanse your body's systems on a cellular level.

Potential Benefits of a Sebian Diet

Weight loss

It's common sense that consuming less calories leads to weight loss. Natural whole plant foods are higher in fiber and water but have a low caloric density, essentially they make you feel full without all the calories associated with meat, dairy products and processed foods. 

Reduces the risk of disease

We are often led to believe that getting sick or being generally unwell is all just a normal part of life – that we've caught a "bug", "germ" or "virus". It's well-documented that cutting out meat and acidic foods greatly lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. 

Increased energy and vitality

Our bodies have to work extra hard to digest things like meat and dairy, plants, on the other hand, have a high water content and are easily digested.

Less brain fog, more clarity and focus

While distractions from technology certainly contribute to a lack of focus, conditions like "brain fog" and a general sense of a lack of clarity likely stem from poor nutrition in terms of either dietary intake or poor assimilation and absorption of the nutrients you are consuming. 

Resources & Further Information

Nutritional Guide (Food List)

The nutritional food guide or food list was created by Dr. Sebi and is basically a list of vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., that are permitted when strictly following the diet. Since Dr. Sebi's passing the original list has been updated, and some items have been added or removed.


One of the most challenging aspects of changing your eating habits and diet is simply a lack of knowledge when it comes to cooking. If that sounds like you, take a look at the Dr. Sebi approved recipes page.

Dr. Sebi Herb List

I have put together a list of herbs used by Dr. Sebi for your reference.

While Dr. Sebi spoke very highly on the importance of consuming herbs, it is critically important that you address your diet, especially before taking Dr. Sebi's products.  

New to this or not sure how to start?

I'd suggest taking a look at the starter guide if you're brand new or unsure where to go from here. On that page I go into more detail on how you can begin to adopt the diet and stick with it.