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Dr. Sebi Diet

A diet that prefers alkaline "electric" foods such as vegetablesfruitsnuts and ancient grains, while forsaking acid-forming foods like meat, diary products and starch.

We are often led to believe that getting sick or being generally unwell is all just a normal part of life – that we've caught a "bug", "germ" or "virus".

Dr. Sebi often spoke of the problems with Western medicine and how it tends to only identify surface issues rather than the root causes of sickness and disease.

In his research he came to the conclusion that...

"the manifestation of disease finds its genesis when and where the mucous membrane has been compromised".

This can happen when the body's natural pH is unbalanced and overly acidic.

Fundamentals of The Dr. Sebi Methodology

Alkalinity and pH

When it comes to our health, pH is perhaps the most important unit of measure. Different areas of the body require different levels of pH in terms of how acid or alkaline they should ideally be. 

An imbalanced pH or overly acidic body has a number of adverse affects from lack of energy, obesity and a potential increased risk of disease.


Mucus actually protects our bodies by aiding in toxin removal. 

However, acid-forming foods contribute to the production of a thicker type of mucus that coats the internal organs.

This makes the absorption of essential nutrients more difficult.

Cellular Damage

A lack of that right minerals, poor sleep, stress and an over indulgence on "hybrid" and processed foods all contribute to disruptions in the natural biochemistry of our bodies.

Dr Sebi's methodology takes action to remedy this with natural herbal compounds that cleanse your body's systems on a cellular level.

Most of us lead overly acidic lifestyles, it's time to do something about it!

Easy Recipes

One of the most challenging aspects of changing your eating habits and diet is simply a lack of knowledge when it comes to cooking. If that sounds like you, take a look at our Dr. Sebi approved recipes.

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