Getting Started On The Dr. Sebi Diet

When I first started following Dr. Sebi and told my friends and family about him, most of them had their doubts that I'd be able to stick with such a "strict" diet and lifestyle... but here I am on my 6th year and still going strong.

Like most people, myself included (at first), everyone I spoke to was looking at it the wrong way – focusing on the restrictions of the food list rather than the possibilities.

I think the main reason for this is that, for those of us raised on convenience food and pre-packed junk, most of the foods on the list can seem a bit alien when in truth there are plenty of things on there you can make hearty meals out of.

Now, depending on where you're at in terms of your overall eating habits at the moment, adopting a Sebian way of eating may require some serious changes.

If you're already vegan then it will be mostly smooth sailing, but if you consume a lot of meat or junk food (as I used to) then switching to this diet will require a big effort on your part.

My tips for people looking to adopt a Sebian diet

Below I will go over the main things I wish someone had told me when I was first getting started with this all those years ago. 

Btw, if you're still not clear on what this diet really entails take a look at my homepage, there I give an overview along with some of the benefits.

Be emotionally and mentally prepared

In order to really adapt to the Sebian way of eating you’ll have to start by making some changes to your overall eating habits. You will likely find that to do this requires you to be in the right frame of mind and emotional state.

Eating is a part of everyday life, the types of foods and substances we consume on a daily basis form into strong habits that can last a lifetime if left unchecked.

These habits can be extremely hard to break or change, additionally, the influence of family and those closest to us can at times be a hindrance.

Therefore, prior to rushing into this diet and lifestyle, you should spend some thinking about changing your eating – don’t promise yourself this and that only to fail due to lack of preparation, family issues or whatever and break that promise.

Start drinking more water

Water is essential to cleanse our bodies, maintain healthy brain and body functions as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Additionally, a number of Dr. Sebi’s products such as his Bromide Plus Powder contain herbs such as Bladderwrack that have laxative effects and promote urination to remove toxins, therefore you must drink more water to replenish this and keep yourself hydrated.

He suggests drinking up to one gallon of spring water per day. Spring water is recommended because it is naturally alkaline, unlike tap water which can be high in chloride and other contaminants.

Start reading ingredient labels

It won’t be easy for most people to give up certain foods or soft drinks, but a great way to start is to read food ingredient labels.

This is a good habit and an absolute necessity to stay conscious of what you’re eating and drinking. In the beginning, while you are not eating based on the food list, this awareness will give you the incentive to change your habits as you progress.

Snacking the right way

Snacking can be quite a compulsive habit but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad one.

Most people like a snack now and then but instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, why not try creating your own trail mix of walnuts, raisins and other dried fruits if you want some quick and easy sofa snacks.

Add more whole foods to your existing diet

Start to include more whole foods into your existing diet on a daily basis. Don't worry too much if these are not vegan foods, at this stage it's more important that you take some kind of action to change what you're currently eating and stop your reliance on processed meals or fast food.

This can be anything from your favorite fruit to a fresh fillet of fish. The main idea here is to consume more whole foods in place of packaged foods which are full of additives. Avoiding these additives will help you later on in your journey as many of these things are addictive. Refined sugar is extremely addictive and causes us to have food cravings.

Once you cross that threshold from processed food into cooking everyday, the path towards reclaiming your health and getting in control becomes so much easier.

You will soon start to see endless options available and discover how you can take your favorite dishes and remake them with approved ingredients to enjoy the same meals you always have.

Start consuming Irish moss

Get familiar with Irish sea moss and try making some gel. This is one of the staples of the diet and is highly nutritious plus it's pretty much tasteless so it can be added into most of your favorite meals without you even noticing it's there.

Introduce Dr. Sebi approved foods

When you feel ready, consult the food list and pick a few things you know about, substitute what you can from your existing diet with items on the list.

Equip yourself with a few Sebi approved recipes

I've put together a set of easy to make Dr. Sebi approved recipes, I'd suggest picking a few from there or Youtube and start replacing a few meals every week. 

Join a community

You may be thinking this sounds like a lot of work, and the truth is it can be very difficult to maintain, even after you think you have a handle on things. Being part of a community and interacting with others that have similar interests and life goals can be a huge help.

There are tons of Dr. Sebi groups on Facebook, some are more active than others.